AKAP Accreditation Organization

About AKAP

AKAP Accreditation Inc.

About AKAP

AKAP Accreditation Organization is a registered Canada Federal incorporation with registry ID (12677130) to accredit a variety of companies, laboratories, institutes, individuals competencies and skills.  Our primary task consists of accrediting and renewing the accreditation of our customers. 

This is to ensure that trust in the quality of products and services are genuinely justified.


Our clients

Categories of our clients are :

  • Laboratories
  • Inspection bodies
  • Certification bodies
  • Verification bodies
  • Producers
  • Institutions
  • Persons


Our Responsibilities:

  • Promotion the Quality of products and services
  • Contributing to the protection of the environment
  • Promotion of health & safety
  • Boosting the competitiveness of businesses establishments


We help you provide your customers with a predictable, quality outcome while remaining compliant to international standards and requirements thus ensuring a safe and efficient economy with safe business services.