AKAP Accreditation Organization

Businesses International Grading

Businesses International Grading

The AKAP Accreditation Organization is an international private organization to evaluate and accredits businesses in different brands and countries. We help business owners to develop and grow their businesses and gain an international grade and accreditation.


Benefits of Business Grading:

Receiving the analytic report and identifying weaknesses and strengths.

-Value creation in business for transfer, selling, and participating in auctions and tenders.

-Obtaining approval and a valid license from an international accreditation organization to provide services and products.

-Exchange of information and technology knowledge to improve quality.

-Improvement of quality and safety in services and products.

-Registration in the list of partner companies of international brands.

-Registration on the official website of the international accreditation organization.

-Development of brand and subsidiaries.

Reduce costs and increase productivity.

-Using the accreditation QR code to support domestic and foreign markets.

-Continuous income generation through using International grade and accreditation licenses.

-Achieve business grade for Participating in domestic and international exhibitions and conferences.



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