AKAP Accreditation Organization

Vision, Mission and Core Values


The AKAP provides services:

  • in a professional, transparent, independent, and ethical way;
  • via competent, motivated staff and external networks of experts;
  • in accordance with the specified national and international requirements.


The core activity of the AKAP is the provision of accreditation services. As the national accreditation body the AKAP ensures that stakeholders are able to justifiably trust all of the statements of conformity and assessment reports issued under its supervision.


Core values

The AKAP is based on the following core values:

  • competence
  • impartiality and independence
  • market focus
  • people focus
  • integrity
  • transparency

It is that commitment, based on our core values, that specifically offers our clients a genuine guarantee of trust.

We provide accreditation services to all countries around the world. Join us today as a member of the international community.

AKAP Accreditation