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Products Accreditation

Why Products Accreditation ?

AKAP Accreditation Organization is the first international private organization to evaluate and accredit products and producers in different brands and countries. We help producers to develop their businesses and products and gain accreditation.
This process includes 3 steps:
1- Gaining primary international accredit through product approval and register product on AKAP Accreditation Organization.
2- Investigation on product markets around the world.
3- Gaining an international license from superior producers and brands.
Benefits of products integrating for license applicant :
– Obtaining approval and valid license of foreign and international brands to produce the product

– Exchange of information and technology knowledge in order to improve product quality
– Registration in the list of partner companies of foreign and international brands
– Registration in the official website of the licensing company
– The possibility of obtaining an invitation to send the visiting team to the international company offering the license
– Partnership with a licensing company in the product export market to different countries
– Participating with a company offering a license in international exhibitions and conferences
– Obtaining advanced product advertising programs on various platforms such as digital marketing, satellite networks and


Benefits of products integrating for license provider :

– Participation in the production of the company applying for a license and continuous income generation
– Development of brands and subsidiaries in different countries
– Production support in domestic and foreign markets


To requested this type of accreditation, applicants must fill application form and sent us following:

  • Application form
  • Product catalogues
  • Company registration
  • Organizational Chart
  • BOM (Bill Of Materials)
  • OPC (Operations Process Charts)
  • Production records (at least 2 years)
  • Certificates and achievements related to Company
Products integrating

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